NCHRP Implementation Support Program
项目名称: NCHRP Implementation Support Program
摘要: The National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) manages practical, applied research that addresses problems identified by practitioners and managers in state departments of transportation (DOTs). NCHRP publishes the research results and delivers implementable products. The benefits from the project findings, however, begin with implementation by state DOTs and other transportation agencies. To ensure that the research products are viable, NCHRP considers implementation throughout the course of a project—from the development of the problem statement to the awarding of the research contract and beyond to the completion of the research. As a part of NCHRP Project 20-44, the NCHRP Implementation Support Program has funding to facilitate implementation of NCHRP research results. NCHRP will procure and manage consultant services to undertake the implementation projects as required by the applicant, and will draw upon a panel of experts to oversee the projects. Applications will be reviewed by NCHRP Panel 20-44.
状态: Active
资助组织: National Cooperative Highway Research Program<==>American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)<==>Federal Highway Administration
项目负责人: Mohan, Sid
开始时间: 19951001
主题领域: Design;Highways;Pavements;Research